Indoor Inspection Facility

Our newest facility in Goodwater Sask. is an Indoor Inspection Facility utilizing a Laydown Rack Inspection Service , Pipe Yard Storage and Inventory (asset) Management.

The ARKK Goodwater Inspection Facility houses a fully automated tubing inspection process utilizing hydraulic conveyors and air rams to handle all tubular products. This system provides ARKK Tubing with a very safe and efficient working environment for all of our staff and any visitors to our facility.

The inspection services (processes) we provide, fully comply with API RP 5C1 and are customizable with a variety of inspection options to match your operational needs by matching application use to inspection process. This will create efficiencies, maximize the value of your tubular assets and reduce your operating costs.

Our Services offered:

  • EMI Tube Inspection
  • Full Length API Drifting and Special End Area Drifting
  • Visual Thread Inspection and Thread Profile Gauging
  • Automated Thread Cleaning
  • Coupling Removal and Replacement
  • Thread Cutting Services
  • Tubular ID Cleaning
  • Customizatable Inventory Management System
  • Wet Florescent Magnetic Particle Inspections