Leading the Industry with Advanced Inspection Technology

ARKK Tubing Inspection Services Ltd. “ARKK” is an Inspection Service company established in 2004, that can offer you the very best in inspection options and services for your OCTG Products. We have a vast inventory of tools to help you with all your inspection needs for Conventional Pipe & Sucker Rods or Coiled Tubing & Continuous Sucker Rods with options for inspecting on location, at the wellhead or at our indoor inspection facility.

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What We Do

  • Well Head Tubing Inspections

    Our Well Head Tubing Inspection Service inspects your tubing while tripping out of the well with a Service Rig. ARKK Tubing Inspection Services utilizes The ARTIS 4 Inspection Tool, it’s an advanced computerized Non-Contact Trip Tool Inspection System (TTIS) that inspects for 4 Separate Types of defects.


  • Indoor Inspection Facility

    Our newest facility in Goodwater Sask. is an Indoor Inspection Facility utilizing a Laydown Rack Inspection Service, Pipe Yard Storage and Inventory (asset) Management. The ARKK Goodwater Inspection Facility houses a fully automated tubing inspection process utilizing hydraulic conveyors and air rams to handle all tubular products.


  • Inventory Management Program

    ARKK Tubing has developed a digital online REAL TIME Inventory Management Program specifically customized to each of our customers. We realize that every Oil Producing Company have both specific processes and unique challenges related to their operations and therefore have developed a program to help assist in the challenges, and manage their specific processes.


  • Coiled OCTG Product Inspections

    The Coiled Tubing Inspection System or CTIS, is the industry’s 1st Portable, Accurate, Contact Coiled Tubing/Coiled Sucker Rod EMI Inspection System. OEM’s continuous monitoring capabilities utilize their patented Advanced Real Time Inspection System (ARTIS-4) for the inspection of Oil Field Coiled Tubing & Coiled Sucker Rods. Its capabilities detect suspected service induced defects as well as manufacturing defects.


  • Mobile Rack Inspections

    ARKK Tubing has built a trailer that they use to bring tubing inspections to any, and all locations. From lease locations, abandoned or newly acquired bone yards, to battery locations we have the ability to assess, inspect, organize and inventory your tubulars and sucker rods assets.