Mobile Rack Inspections

ARKK Tubing has built a trailer that they use to bring tubing inspections to any, and all locations. From lease locations, abandoned or newly acquired bone yards, to battery locations we have the ability to assess, inspect, organize and inventory your tubulars and sucker rods assets. ARKK Tubing is able to accomplish this without the large cost of having to truck materials to distant central locations for the same service.

Our enclosed, 18′, tandem axle, bumper pull trailer houses a center frame work for our inspection unit, 60′ of transfer conveyors, a hydraulic unit, a power generator, a small electric hoist and all necessary inspection tools. ARKK Tubing uses one of the same Tubing Inspection Trucks and ARTIS Inspection Units to deliver the trailer and inspect the tubing.

We used the electric hoist from the trailer to unload our inspection tool, lift it out and place the unit on its side to inspect your tubing horizontally. The hydraulic conveyors are assembled in 4′ sections and placed on adjustable jack stands, once completed there is 30′ of conveyors attached to either side of the trailer. These powered conveyors will feed the pipe from one side of the trailer through the ARTIS Inspection Unit and then out the other side of the trailer for further inspection or sorting.