Well Head Tubing Inspections

Our Well Head Tubing Inspection Service inspects your tubing while tripping out of the well with a Service Rig. ARKK Tubing Inspection Services utilizes The ARTIS 4 Inspection Tool, it’s an advanced computerized Non-Contact Trip Tool Inspection System (TTIS) that inspects for 4 Separate Types of defects. They are:

  2. Thru Hole Detection 1/16” diameter and larger;
  3. Localized Wall Loss, ID and OD Pitting Detection;
  4. Longitudinal Wall Loss; Rod Wear and Rod Coupling Wear.

This inspection is safer and quicker to use, as there is no radiation source used and no “warm up time” required. The service rig can pull pipe WET or WAXY, at a quick speed within 15 minutes after we have arrived, NO warm up time required.

Our fleet of 6 Inspection Unit’s for Saskatchewan and Alberta now use the most recent ARTIS 4 software to detect ID and OD Pitting, Rodwear, Splits and Thru Hole 1/16” diameter under most circumstances that occur while pulling out of the hole. ARKK Tubing Inspection Services can sucessfully inspect 60.33mm (2 3/8″); 73.03mm (2 7/8″); 88.9mm (3 1/2″) and now 114.3mm (4 1/2″). After the inspection is complete, a computer generated inspection report detailing the condition of your tubing and an invoice are printed for your consultant.

Digital Pulsar Calibration of All Inspection Sensors in All Inspection Tools

This provides ARKK Tubing Inspection Services with a precise digital calibration of all 16 individual inspection sensors in the 2 Inspection Rings on each size of inspection head. This enables an accurate, uniform defect detection and indication identification system during the inspection process. This will achieve a superior digital calibration than any previous methods of manual calibration methods, and will also detect any weaknesses in the inspection sensor and or cables to ensure an accurate and reliable Tubing Inspection. This will also reduce any downtime in the field keeping wait time costs at a minimum.