Who We Are

ARKK Tubing Inspection Services Ltd. “ARKK” is a 13-year Inspection Service company, that can offer you the very best in inspection options and services for your OCTG Products. We have a vast inventory of tools to help you with all your inspection needs for Conventional Pipe & Sucker Rods or Coiled Tubing & Continuous Sucker Rods with options for inspecting on location, at the wellhead or at our indoor inspection facility.

At the heart of our business is our Mobile Rig Floor Tubing Inspection Services that inspects tubing over the wellhead while pulling out of the hole. We currently deploy 6 Mobile Rig Floor Units that are equipped with OEM’s ARTIS 4 Trip Tool. Our Management Team has combined 50+ years of Tubing Inspection experience. We are one of a handful of inspection companies that have worked with OEM Inc. using their 1st generation inspection tool in the beginning and have progressed to our current 4th generation inspection tool.

The ARKK Tubing Inspection Services Team is committed to providing you the very best in Inspection Services. Either at the wellhead or in a yard, ARKK Tubing has the tools, the knowledge and the experience to reduce the amount of downhole failures by detecting unknown defects in your material prior to completing your workover.

With OEM’s ARTIS-4 Trip Tool for conventional pipe/tubing and a ARTIS-4 CTIS for coiled rod/tubing, we are the best equipped company to provide you with the most accurate & reliable inspections available for tubing and coiled sucker rods.