Inventory Management Program

ARKK Tubing has developed a digital online REAL TIME Inventory Management Program specifically customized to each of our customers. We realize that every Oil Producing Company have both specific processes and unique challenges related to their operations and therefore have developed a program to help assist in the challenges, and manage their specific processes. We achieve this through an informational meeting with the Producer to discuss exactly what assets need to be tracked and what information they would want tracked. Examples: Tubing (all sizes and types), Rods (all sizes and types), and Collars.

From that meeting we are able to enter the specific, tailored customer information into our program to keep track of all your assets. Examples: Incoming transit, storage, requests for holds, and transfers from our facility.

Developing this NEW standard, has allowed us to create a time saving, accurate inventory for any approved office personal and also for the consultants in the field. Our custom tailored program uses a secured password protected site that holds all of your current inventory levels, this is reported inĀ REAL TIME as inventory levels change. When inventory is required, a simple phone call or email will begin the process to have the materials ready, and inventory updated.

Unsure or have a concern with materials? No problem, we also document and track all events.

For ease, and convenience our inventory program is compatible with all major electronic devices including smart phones and tablets, with internet access.

(web link to customer specific inventory web page)