Coiled OCTG Product Inspections

The Coiled Tubing Inspection System or CTIS, is the industry’s 1st Portable, Accurate, Contact Coiled Tubing/Coiled Sucker Rod EMI Inspection System. OEM’s continuous monitoring capabilities utilize their patented Advanced Real Time Inspection System (ARTIS-4) for the inspection of Oil Field Coiled Tubing & Coiled Sucker Rods. Its capabilities detect suspected service induced defects as well as manufacturing defects.

The CTIS provides a total of six (6) inspection charts of information displayed per spool:

  • Transverse Flaw Channels – Up to 8 (coil size dependent)
  • Localized Wall Loss Channels for PITTING – Up to 8 (coil size dependent)
  • Localized Wall Loss Channels for EROSION / CORROSION – Up to 8 (coil size dependent)
  • Full Length Wall Monitoring Channel – 1
  • Electronic Split Detector Channel – 1
  • Ovality sensors – Up to 8 (coil size dependent)

*** Maximum total inspection channels – 34 ***
*** Inspection shoes ride directly on the surface of the coil ***

The encoder system measures the inspected length of your coiled material and is used to locate defects in feet or meters from the starting position of the inspected coil.

By using all of our inspection disciplines, we are able to provide you unparalleled information regarding your used coiled products, both Tubing & Sucker Rod.